4 ways YOU can help the earth by just using your computer

Written by Sara Chemello

I tend to do lots of research on climate change and ways to get out of the house and actually do something real for the environment. But, I’ve realised that I spend more time researching than actually helping; so I thought of the following 4 WAYS (that I use personally) that make my surfing the web less unuseful so that I can sleep happily knowing I helped by even running my fingers through a keyboard. Hope you enjoy xxxNUMBEEEER ONE

Visit https://www.ecosia.org/ and download it as your search engine. With this simple step you are planting trees through search ads. Planting trees helps fight desertification, pollution,extinction of biodiversity and helps cooling our planet by absorbing CO2. You are helping the world just by doing your reasearch! I’ve had ecosia as my search engine for around 3 months and I’ve already indirectly planted 400 treees, also the company is so transparent that you can see al their reports online!!!! INSTALL IT ON YOUR COMPUTER, PHONE OR TABLET AND SHARE HOW MANY TREES YOU’RE PLANTING WITH US AND YOUR FRIENDS TO HELP CLIMATE CHANGE IN A SUPER EASY WAY!


Are you running out of gift ideas for all your tree loving friends? How about planting a tree for your loved ones? Check out http://info.tree-nations.com/ to discover how you can plant trees in their 11 plantation sites around the world with just a few clicks. I LOLOLOOVE this supa cute idea and my friends will now be getting trees forever and ever. By doing this you are helping your friends give back to mother earth( what better gift than a brighter, cleaner future for everyone? Yea none).


I think getting involved and signing as many petitions as possible is crucial for change. By just filling in your name and e-mail you are helping OTHER people and organizations help the environment (they really need our help). This is why I always try and stay connected via e-mail to fill as many out as many possible (the reason I receive 40 emails daily…you will understand). It’s an easy thing that might really help. I put the links of some of the biggest websites with loooads of things to fill in. GET STARTED:


PLEASE STAY CONNECTED AND SPREAD THE WORD BY SHARING EVENTS TO HELP FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE, PETITIONS AND ISSUES ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTA AND EVERYWHERE. You won’t believe how fast information gets spread!!! Also, remember remember to share with theYOUng what you’re doing to help the environment, even if it’s taking fewer showers YUM, send us an email at theyounggblog@gmail.com

Hope you’ll find this article useful. See you soon xxx

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