IMG_4500.JPGWe are young, we should try new experiences and the best way to do so is traveling, it increases our knowledge, opening our minds to the other cultures in the world and making us more curios about what is around us.I found this website,, and I really thought of it as a great opportunity to have fun.

My trip was COLORADO ROCK & RIVER, an excursion that pulled out the wild side of me, sleeping in tends, climbing, hiking, kayaking… it was really extreme, you can’t even imagine, I could have real a shower just once a week, disgusting right! 12 teenagers and 2 leaders composed my trip.

Nowadays I still miss that feeling of freedom that Colorado gave me, chatting with those strangers under a sky full of stars, witch at the end of this adventure became friends I’ll remember for the rest of my life!

These kind of trips always include at least 1 day of ervice and this is what makes it cool, being able to give back to mother earth and also because doing service always helps out for schools application!

The fourteen days were organized like this:

  • 3 days of climbing
  • 5 days of kayaking
  • 1 day of service (planting trees)
  • 1 day hiking (La Plata which is 14000 ft high
  • 1 day at the hot spring

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