What has Donald Trump done and what is happening now? Explanation of what happened in Syria.

Thursday night while I slept happily in Italy  Donald astonished everyone (both supporters and opponents) with a bombardment by 2 American fighters to a Syrian air force base under the Assad’s regime (the dictator of Syria).The day before the good dear old Donny had openly declared his opposition about the chemical bombs originated toward the rebels and Syrian civilians specifically in the province of Idlib. The bombs (not Donny’s one), according to analysts, were dropped from military aircraft, which suggests that they were either dropped by Assad or by the Russians, since Isis does not have planes nor do the rebels. This particular weapon is known to often be in Assad’s hands … No comment.

After the American bombing the world divided on whether Trump’s attack was right or wrong. In my opinion, this case is quite strange … In fact, opponents of Trump agreed with Trump’s decision while populists who praised for the new Presidency are now somewhat puzzled. All very strange.

For those of you who don’t know what populism is I will be soon writing an article explaining and simplifying what this term means.

On one hand there are those who argue that Trump has done well, because he must stop the massacres of Assad and must restore balance. I have to admit that the operation was carried out with extreme precision and no Russian was killed (very important element of which I will talk about later).

Everyone is impressed because no one expected Donald to do anything and then Boom he does it all. The fact is that Obama over the past 6 years had always said that if Assy had used chemical bombs, the U.S. would have done something, something that has never happened until the arrival of Donny.

On the other hand, there are those who say that it is not certified that it was Assad who provoked the massacre and that Trump being so hasty has caused an instability between Russia and U.S. likely to cause (this among the most pessimistic) the approach to World War III (Oh my Gosh) and then creating new opportunities to various terrorist groups (Al quaeda, Isis, etc.).

Now, first of all, no Russian soldier was killed and the Donald warned the Russians before the bombing, although if they had just took even only one Russian chicken, things would change completely. I believe that the truth will never come out completely, we will probably never know who used chemical weapons, but I personally think the responsibility lies on Assy because he would have probably done this sooner or later, for example when there is only one slice of Grandma’s cake left and once you turn to take it, you see it has disappeared and you begin to blame who you know is the most greedy (I know I know, weird example but I’m sure it happened to all of you). Beyond that you can’t know that where you’re bombarding there are chemical bombs my good old Assy, anything goes but you have the intelligence. For those who are afraid of the end of the world, I’m sure, that for the moment it is remotely close…for the moment.

In conclusion Donald Trump did not want to start a war but to give a message: Americans are present and aren’t afraid to intervene.
This is all for this topic.

Please feel free to write in the comments about what you think and what you did not understand, this will help me to improve, if you liked place like!
Greetings to Donny and Assy.


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