Everything is fine…

So we left with the full and romantic drama between our Donald and Syria. From that moment on one side very interesting things happened, on the other side quite unpredictable things occured… starting from Mrs May (British Prime Minister) who decided recently to go to snap elections until you get to the victory of Erdogan (former President of the Republic in Turkey, now ” The President” until 2034). Let’s not forget the U.S. that seem to affirm themselves as policemen of the world … Ah how beautiful:)

Today I want to talk about the English issue.
Theresa May, the woman who took the reins of Brexit, was appointed Prime Minister after the failure of David Cameron with the 2016 referendum. We arrive at a week ago in which May called elections on the June 8, 2017.
The thing that amazes me is that the elections are before negotiations with the EU … aaah United Kingdom since you stopped being at the centry of the world you still have to talk about you with your referendum. In fact, many argue that these elections are a second referendum to Brexit. The real question is: ” Didn’t you say until a few months ago about wanting to get to the end of the negotiations and that snap elections would have weakened the country?” The leader would reply: “but now everything is different” mmm and why is different? Because the British polls released, before the announcement puts the party of the “Lady in blue” (Conservative) at 44%, a figure that would have more legitimacy and strength to achieve a hard-Brexit, or a Soft-Brexit? Who knows, now we are all confused.
For those of you who don’t know:
Hard-Brexit: exit from the EU single market (and WTO!) which provides barrier-free trade.

Soft-Brexit: exit only from the EU but will remain in the single market as Switzerland and Norway’s condition itself that still must accept much of European rules. The supporters of Leave don’t really like it.
The risk, because there is a risk, is that the Conservative lose resoundingly implying the people do not want to Brexit (mmm reminds me of Cameron who knows why) which is only unlikely, but as The Donald taught us unlikely doesn’t mean impossible. We’ll see.
The EU hopes.
I will see you in 2 weeks for a new article.
Write in the comments what you think.

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