HAPPY EARTHDAY- because earth day is EVERYday

Written by Sara Chemello

Most of us have heard and maybe celebrated Earth day on April 22nd these past years, but did you know that this day is only 47 years old? The one to start the idea for a worldwide movement to protect our home was Gaylord Nelson, an ex  U.S. Senator, that on April 22nd 1970, first celebrated earth day together with  20 million Americans. It was a defining step for the U.S’s future, since by the end of that year, the first Earth Day had led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency where the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts were passed. GO GAYLORD!!!

After 1970,  Earth Day Network took over, organising demonstrations worldwide. These marches and events bring people together and raise loads of awareness in communities, cities and countries. BUT is this enough? Shouldn’t we demonstrate daily against fossil fuels or disposable plastic? We obviously can’t do that, but I think Earth Day should be used as a yearly reminder of what we have achieved year after year for our mother earth. So what are you going to do this year? What are your Earth Day Resolutions? Will you be a part of the solution or just contribute passively to the pollution? 

It’s extremely hard to think daily about how every tiny thing we do will either help or harm the environment BUT WE HAVE TO TRY. So exclusively for you here are my Earth Day resolutions: 

  • NO MORE PLASTIC BOTTLES (I use way to many of these when I could just use my metal water bottle which is 100% PLASTIC FREE and will not end up in the ocean).
  • LESS LESS MEAT (together with my mum I decided that a week every month our whole family will go vegan. That already means 3 months meat and animal products FREE).
  • A TREE A MONTH (starting this May I’ll plant one tree every month. If I get my family to do it with me, that already means 48 trees a years and if I even get my friends too who knows how many trees we’ll get planted!)

These solutions might not be many but I preferred keeping them simple and achievable. It’s a start. What will YOUR EARTH DAY RESOLUTIONS be? What will your friends’s resolutions be?

Tell us in the comments below or send us an e-mail at theyounggblog@gmail.com.

Let’s celebrate our earth, it’s our home.

Featured Image Credit: Earth Day Network.



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