Have you ever thought about how water can be made?

I had never thought of it before I met ECOLOBLUE.

You will probably already know that our planet is called the blue planet because there’s a lot of sea water but we’re running out of sweet and drinkable water…

Water is definitely an essential element for our life and everyday  each and everyone of us consumes a lot of it.  So let’s try to think about how many litres of water are used every day (if you consider that we are over than 7 billion people in the world, that’s incredibly shocking!).

In developed countries we have a lot of water and if there isn’t enough we can easily import it from other countries, but there are a lot of places where water is difficult to find and in case pumped out. It’s right here that Ecoloblue comes in!

Ecoloblue is a new and hi-tech invention that can easily help people’s every day need for water… we can basically consider Ecoloblue as a magic machine that creates water from the air .

ecoloblue-30me-maximum-efficiency-alkaline.jpgHowever, how does this machine do that?

Ecoloblue firstly pumps the air by a fan into the machine, this air then passes into a filter which eliminates all invisible impurities. After that the air has to be condensed and caught in a tank, on the bottom of the machine, and it’s right here that the purifying process starts! Infact the water caught in the tank undergoes  a uv light refining step, that removes all the bacteria by using a lamp. Later the water passes through  different sponges and filters which remove all the remaining impurities! After all these  steps the clean water is ready and sprouts from the machine!

This amazing machine is very expensive.  Infact the prices range from 1500$ to 2000$, however the machine’s  filters needs changing twice a year, an extra cost.

To sum up we can say that the machine has an important initial cost and a smaller (but necessary ) cost for it’s maintenance. However you must think that this product may help a lot of undeveloped countries. Another advantage is that Ecoloblue does not use any plastic at all, meaning it’s a green and ecological machine!

It  could help us stop wasting plastic and damaging our planet.

Hope you enjoyed this article.



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