French Elections!!! What will happen now?

Let’s start by saying that in these elections Emmanuel Macron has been nominated as the new President of France beating Marine Le Pen with about 66% , the leader of the far-right Front Nacional (FN) movement has clocked up about 33%.

Now you will say, “well a landslide victory!” Sure but the 33% is 1 person over 3 anyway and if I told you that on three biscuits that I’m offering one that contains a delicious grasshopper? (Yes I know, that sucks … I rebuke alone) I’m sure you now struggle to consider my gift as a victory for all to yourself. 🙂

What I mean is that a lot of people are talking about the defeat of populism but no one cares about that 33%. In fact Macron has won the first round almost precisely because the French system allows you to do this. Marine Le Pen is still rising as others, which means the many issues that push people to vote them are real! And if the new Governments will not be able to solve various problems like unemployment, poverty and a lack of ability to tell a real future (which can really help us young) and 1000 other things, populism will grow and it will take over everything. For the moment, the danger has escaped and the EU now has the possibility to become stronger than the ten years that have passed.

Meanwhile Macron made his speech, after hearing, people divided into 2 groups: the first group formed by people who say: “He was perfect, couldn’t say anything else, that was what I wanted to hear”, in the second group there were people who said it was not a great speech. Macron, summing up the whole thing, made a speech based on the fight against terrorism, the fight against global warming (a new thing for a speech of a President) and fighting discrimination. The speech was turned to all the people of the world! Even to those who voted FN.

I personally think that the only way to escape from this moral crisis is to stick together and remove negativity from our daily lives given to various problems. As shown, now no one wins over the right or the left but WINS with the practice of cultivating new ideas to make his people, his country great again (Donald is different ahahah 😏). Enough negativity! Of course we must not forget the problems but I say that instead of complaining, we have to shoot new ideas everywhere and give confidence to young people.

But now that Emmanuel won what will happen? I think he will try to re-establish a concept of democracy among all members of the Union to end the hegemony of Germany. In my opinion he must do it and he can do it.

And If he doesn’t succeed and he fails? Well then populism will win and Europe will be divided in its history again.

Europe’s future will be decided in these 5 years to come.

We’ll see.


2 responses to French Elections!!! What will happen now?

  1. Pietro Bauli

    Very interesting article! You are improving a lot in writing and every article is better and more interesting than the previous one!


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