The immigration issue

In these years we have seen an acceleration of migratory phenomena and to the entire national-populist faction that pushed the story of people who come to steal our things for no reason and come to avoid women who maybe haven’t considered us already before this issue.

This dilemma has taught me that the wall of prejudice is impenetrable and that people like me and like you, don’t care anything about how to solve problems, but are only interested in solutions that are simple and amazing, I mean “return to your country” and then return to their chores without actually getting any questions. I’ll explain it with a metaphor: the wall has a huge crack, on the internet people Tweet: “ah I know how to repair the crack” and then it comes back to wash our hands of the problem not realizing that they are continuing to obstruct progress. Are you studying how to repair the crack? ” I don’t care, fix that damn crack “. The masons are preparing the mortar to repair the crack? “Oh no you are not doing it right, fix that damn crack”. The builders have started to repair but encounter the obstacle of people wanting the wall as before? ” I don’t care, no one is fixing the crack, it would take a strong builder in command like Putin is strong, if he was in charge there wouldn’t be a problem, the crack should be repaired! Come on it’s so simple, why isn’t anyone capable of repairing a simple crack? “when they’re done, they all go to sleep, because someone else will think about the solution maybe one of those who says to use the hard way, oh he can clearly know how to repair that crack 😉. In Italy every day hundreds of people climb on a boat and save thousands of lives, because that’s what a serious nation should do at the same time as people complain on social media.

Now let’s do a little recap: Libya was ruled by Gheddafi: a gentleman that oppressed any kind of dissent and in power using violence, but he also had faults, we come to the dethronement of the dictator by EU and US but at the same time they leave the country in chaos and when there is no law everyone does as he pleases, after that a long civil war begins with Isis next who admires the Mediterranean landscape. With this climate, the traffickers thrive and departures of migrants are increasing. This explains the fact of why rescues at sea are also in Libyan waters, because the Libyan coast guard no longer exists. Now, the Italian Government (with regard to immigration to Italy that is still one of the most welcoming countries) agreed with the President of Libya Sarraj who undertakes to restore some sort of control of the Libyan coast, at the same time the Italians train Libyan coast guard (so to speak), what does this mean? It means someone instead of saying “boo-hoo shit migrants return home” someone is trying a solution: someone saves them at sea, there is the one who gives him food and there’s people trying to stabilize the political situation in Libya so is trying to solve the root of the problem as much as possible because trying to prevent the landing is impossible, and deporting all for military handheld is impossible and expensive and even unfair to what can you do if you do not act on reason that drives people to leave and make the crossing? In addition to repeat obviously parroting “everybody go home, go home” Oh yeah that is definitely good politics. Yes “go home” but there are also some problems, the Lybian Government Sarraj is very weak and is threatened by General Haftar loyal to Gaddafi that controls the Group militarily State of Libya and of course want to control him, he is currently getting a victory after another, this means civil war and civil war does not mean peace nor stability. Obviously, Russia cannot stay out of this and after causing trouble in Ukraine, Syria and Turkey decided to take the side of Haftar. I believe that contributing to the destabilization of a country from which migrants who arrive in coastlines and create illegal immigration problem that then is ridden by the same European right who happens to be seen sympathetically the Russian leader Vladimir Putin and simultaneously have a strong military ally that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea is definitely another “casino” as we say, but hey the old Vlad who is at the Government of Russia from, has always been accused of having put all the industry of the country in his pocket and of murdering political competitors cannot be certainly considered a villain. Sure😒.

My point of view is this: solve the problem to the root, make sure that people’s lives are peaceful in Lybia solving the problem between Haftar and Sarraj with diplomacy to have only one enemy: Terrorists. This is not the right period especially for Lybia for a Civil War. Everyone has to stay united against a single enemy.

And that’s all about that.

We’ll see in the next article


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