German election! Has Angela Merkel won or lost?

Written by Umberto Belluzzo

So let’s talk about Germany and its recent elections. Has Angela Merkel won or lost?
Basically she won, she lost and then she won again
She won with numbers. In fact her party CDU (middle-right) gained about 33% votes so, basically 1/3 of every other vote. It is certainly the most popular choice and an enormous victory.
Second place with 22.5% was the middle-left party SPD. Which doesn’t suck, I mean, after all it is still 1/5 of all votes.
Third place goes to… ta da daaaaa the neo-nazist party! Which with great surprise earned 13% of all votes and 95 seats, this of course created a tremendous scandal in all Europe.

So Angela Merkel won but many people sustain she lost because she took “only” 246 of the 709 seats in total. Of course it’s less than the past years but it doesn’t mean she lost. Why?
Three reasons:
1/3 of all votes is still great
It’s the fourth time in a row she has been confirmed!
She will have a different coalization (as the middle left party do not want to cooperate) with Liberals and the Green Party. Of course we will not see the same government we know but Angela Merkel will still be the leader.

Many people now are worried about that 13% gained by AFD( Alternative für Deutschland).
I am not worried because that party won’t have any power in the Bundes Tag. Why? Because no party will collaborate with them. They will be left out for the whole Bundes Tag😁.
So in conclusion I believe Angela Merkel has again won, however we still have to wait to see the composition of the new government and what impact will have on Europe🇪🇺.
That’s it for today😉
See you soon


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