Is going full-vegan the real solution?

Everyone has met at least once a outrageous vegan that can’t stand the eating habits of the BIG majority of the population.

These fundamentalist are rude and yell at the people that we consider “normal”.

And that’s probably why some of us (meat-eaters) say they can’t stand vegans, because it’s just their reputation; rightly so, because of how many of them act as absolute fanatics.

Basically no one eats meat because they want animals to suffer.

No one goes to KFC and says, “Yeah, I love what Kentucky does to these chickens, That’s what I’m going to support!”

People eat meat because everyone around them eats meat, it’s what we’re used to, it’s familiar, it’s easy and cheap.

What we should aim for is a different approach developed by Matt Ball .

Rather than just going full vegan from one day to another we should take the opportunity to make one big step that will end a big chunk of animal suffering.

And that is to have everyone not eat chickens anymore, it doesn’t matter what you eat instead, cutting chicken out from our diet will remove the vast majority of the support for factory farm.

Ball says: “We must focus on getting people to consider their first step toward compassion, rather than arguing for our current philosophy or diet. Most non-vegetarians tune out when told to go vegan but may consider starting to make changes like adopting meatless monday or eating fewer chickens.”

The average American diet causes about 25 land animals to be slaughtered every year.

If people just stopped eating chickens, they will spare 23 of those animals.

This is because it takes over 200 chickens to provide the same number of meals as one steer or over 40 chickens to provide the same number of meals as one pig.

Almost 84% of people that go vegan go back eating animals, probably because they cab’t stand the pressure of mantaining such a rigid pure diet.

Trying to force others to eat what is “right” will never work, like this we are scaring people away from this choice and we are driving vegans back to eating meat.

All activist and groups like PeTA have been at this for decades and the amount of vegans in the eastern side of the world has not changed at all, so its really time to consider a different approach to the whole animals suffering issue.

I’ve been trying the no chicken diet, and its surely the easiest one i’ve tried so far, everywhere you go there is always a alternative to chicken, obviously if you go to KFC you won’t find much, but if you are looking for junk food you can always find another fast-food in a 100m range

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