ZERO WASTE MOVEMENT and the 21st century environmentalist

Written by Sara Chemello

Whether you may or may not have heard about zero waste, this movement has become extremely popular between the eco friendly community. It is a way to become a citizen involved in the fight against climate change and might lead to entire zero waste communities in the future.Zero Waste is a pretty new philosophy that consists of creating a no litter lifestyle. A lifestyle where all the trash you produce is recyclable and none of it ends up in the huge landfills of your town. People living up to this life choice actually manage to keep all the trash they produced in a year in a mason jar.

This definitely seems crazy to most because of the way our consuming society works:


However our vicious cycle of constant littering has lead the average American to produce 2 kg of garbage a day, with a total of 726 kg a year ( according to the epa). Now that is just one person in America. Multiply that number for 7 billion people and you will get scared.

Now before you buy a ticket to the moon to escape our crazy consuming world take two deep breaths BECAUSE THERE IS A DIY SOLUTION. Yes, Zero Waste Living.

We are lucky to already have examples of hundreds of people that have joined this ‘community’ all around the world. SO IF THEY CAN DO IT WE ALL CAN.

Their motto is


and they do not use plastic(unimaginable but doable). They do not buy new clothes . And they live a truer, more connected life that is based on non materialist things.

I know it is extremely hard to think about getting rid about every plastic item in your kitchen or not going shopping anymore, I’d be a hypocrite to say I do not use plastic anymore, but thanks to globalization we can find plenty of inspiration for a new start towards our own zero waste life.

Check out how Lauren Singer lives her environmental values to the fullest or how you can share your experiences with a zero waste blogger in Paris, or a plastic free mermaid in Australia. The internet is big, go explore and let me know in the comments if you find new inspiration.



One response to ZERO WASTE MOVEMENT and the 21st century environmentalist

  1. Silvia

    Good job 👏🏻! It would be a wonderful world but it’s always harder to come back to the origins.


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