Amores Perros

Direction: Alejandro Gonzalez Inàrritu

Vote: 4 stars on 5

Amores Perros is the first chapter of the trilogy of the death of Inàrritu followed by 21 grammes and Babel. Peculiar characteristics of the film are the choice of the narration that plays with flashback, anticipations and continuous returns, as well as the frequent using of close ups, super close ups and camera in movement. The film is a study object, the plot is based on the evolution of three stories set in Mexico City that are intertwined starting from a car accident. If you observe carefully there can notice a series of details like the constant presence of the dogs for example (the film’s main characters) who represent the double nature of the man,  the characters’ alter egos, concept that is also reaffirmed in the headline: Peros in fact means dogs that  together with Amores means : “love is a bitch”. To be notice is also the presence of a cinematographic oxymoron: the love scenes are alternated with scenes of violence, those of human cruelty with scenes of humanity , and with  scenes of poverty, highly luxuriouss ones.

Inàrritu narrates the stories with different styles:in the first one the rhythm is dynamic, in second there is abundance of sadness and it seems almost a fantastic history (the dog disappears under the floor for 7 days), the third one has a dramatic tone.

In my opinion Innaritù wants to show us that life in our modern society is painful, solitude and despair are everywhere and this touches everyone:  rich and poor, men and women, young and old, delinquents and good people. In a world that has made betrayal and selfishness his virtues the only remedy to the despair is a dog.

The film has given a new beginning to Mexican cinema, a cinema that attracts attention also overseas.

Respond to REVIEW OF: AMORES PERROS by Andrea Tundo

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