The 2017 review

This year has been a turbolent year.
From the election of a controversial president passing through many horrible terrorist attacks and arriving with the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia.
Here I’ve summed up our Year appointing the most important facts that have happened.

1st of January: A terrorist attack happens in Istanbul,Turkey.

20th of January, Washington D.C., U.S. : Donald Trump becomes the new president of the United States of America, creating lots of internal battles and became famous for his controversies.
He reshapes the White House and the world’s perception of America.

February 2017, Space: Astronomers find new planets similar to Earth

26th of February, Hollywood,California: Óscar best picture mix-up gaffe

22nd of March,London U.K.: Terrorist Attack at Westminster,

3rd of April, St.Petersbourg,Russia: Terrorist Attack

4th of April, Aleppo, Syria: Syria Chemical Attack, Many innocent people are killed.

7th of April, Mediterranean Sea: U.S. Military strikes against Syrian regime, since then the civil war began. Stockholm, Sweden: Another Terrorist Attack.

9th of April, Alexandria, Egypt: Terrorist Attack

16th of April, Istanbul, Turkey: Erdogan becomes the new president of Turkey, changing the constitution.

7th of May, Paris, France: The youngest French president is elected.
Manuel Macron starts his new presidency.

22nd of May, Manchester, U.K.: Tremendous terrorist attack during Ariana Grande’s concert.(22 deaths and 59 injuries)

3rd of June,London, U.K.: Second Terrorist Attack in London

8th of June,London, U.K: British Elections, Hung Parliament.

14th of June, London, U.K: Grenfell Tower fire with many deaths.

July 2017, Syria: Mosul freed from Isis.

17th August,Barcelona, Spain: First terrorist Attack in Spain. A van rushes through the Main Street of the Catalan City.

21st of August, U.S: Solar Eclypse

28th of August, Texas U.S: Hurricane Harvey Arrives in Houston.

6th of September, Florida, U.S: Hurricane Irma reaches its peak.

15th of September, London,U.K: Third Terrorist attack. First series of Terrorist attacks in London since IRA attacks. Pyongyang, North Korea,: First successful missile test for Kim Jong-Un.

19th of September, Mexico City, Mexico: Earthquake of Mw 7.1 and strong shaking for 20 seconds.

25th of September, Irbil, Iraq: Iraqui Kurdish referendum wins with 93% of votes, the legality of this referendum is immediately rejected by the federal government of Iraq.

September 2017: Myanmar and Yemen huge crisis, most humanity catastrophies in decades
1st of October, Las Vegas,U.S.: America’s deadliest mass shootings in its modern history.
Barcelona, Spain: Catalonia independence referendum. 92% yes and 8% no. Judged illegal by the Spanish government.

15th of October: First planetary body comes to our solar system.

October 2017: People speak up against sexual harassment with #metoo.
Electromagnetic radiation from a collision of two neutron stars is detected.

21st of Novemeber: Mugambe resigns after 37 years.

27th of November, London ,U.K.: New royal marriage is announced. Harry and Meghan. Meghan will probably be the first black princess of the royal family.

November 2017: Paradise Papers are revealed. The queen of United Kingdom is exposed on those papers.

6th of December: The president of United States, Donald Trump, declares Jerusalem capital city of Israel.

7th of December,California, Los Angeles, U.S: Wildfires for an entire week.

9th December, Canberra, Australia: Australia legalises same-sex marriage.

As you can see and also from my point of view 2017 hasn’t been the most exciting year of all time, however it has been an year of “resistance” if we are allowed to call it like that.

So I wish you the best 2018 that you could ever possibly have.
We will meet again next year.

Have fun!



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