The winner of the Italian elections will be…

Written by Umberto Belluzzo

Italy will surely be another “Italy” on the 5th of March, the day after the General Elections.

This sentence can be true or false but that’s not the problem. The problem is that we don’t know what will happen on Monday 5th of March. It’s unpredictable.

This is  why it’s unpredictable. Here I shortly describe the most important parties and their ideas…In Italy the parliament is divided in left-wing, centre and right-wing areas.

The biggest populist party in Italy is Movimento 5 Stelle (5 Stars Movement) with Luigi Di Maio. The Surveys set M5S as first party… however it may not reach the 40% which is really important to assure the victory for them. Especially because they don’t want any alliance with other parties. This is why they are trying to have votes from the eldest population and the moderates often contradicting themselves. For example the Euro which has always been a problem for them,  suddenly is not anymore.            Impressing.


Then there is the Right-Wing Coalition formed by “Lega Nord” with Matteo Salvini, Forza Italia with Berlusconi and Fratelli D’Italia with Giorgia Meloni. This Coalition is the most possible alliance that can reach the 40%.  In fact, although they agree on different themes such as the Immigration problem, they often fight for themes such as Europe and vaccinations.Unknown-1.jpeg

Fun fact: Even if Forza Italia has printed lots of leaflet with “Berlusconi for President” Berlusconi  can’t be the President or Prime Minister because he has problems with the law. : )

Even more impressed.berlusconi-italy.jpg

Thanks to the Electoral System, PD can decide not to declare any candidate as Prime Minister demostrating another time they have clear ideas.. however their Secretary is Matteo Renzi, who brought the party from 30% to 40 % and then back to 20%.  It’s mostly probable he won’t become the next Prime Minister whether or not he reaches the 40% because of Paolo Gentiloni, the current neutral Prime Minister, loved by everyone. ; ) ❤1515527854005.jpg--matteo_renzi.jpg

LEU might be the surprise of this elections (or not). Their Candidate is Pietro Grasso, current President of Senate and respected by most of the people. However there is a problem, between the candidates of this party there is Massimo D’Alema one of the most hated people in Italy.


In conclusion the greatest problem of this elections is that no-one will reach the 40% (or will they?)…Who knows? The winner probably will be decided by  the majority of percentage he gets.

I personally believe the winner will be Mattarella, our President. He is the only one who will keep his seat. ; )

I’ll wait to see the results but I’m expecting big palm faces. No comment.Unknown-2.jpeg


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