The world goes round…

Written by Umberto Belluzzo

It seems like the period we are living right now is becoming more and more interesting in terms of news and a lot more tense in terms of history.

This sentence might be confusing but let me explain better…

Risultati immagini per Erdogan

The Turkish “president” ( if we can call him like that) Erdogan sentenced a statement mentioning two specific facts:

First, Erdogan defined the UN crushed. He especially said: “the United Nations are over, they have collapsed. Right now, I can not even talk to the UN secretary general, despite having a good friendship with him. If there is a silence on Israel’s bullying, the world will be dragged into chaos.”  The powerful president of Turkey doesn’t trust anymore the greatest international association in the world which its supposed aim is to bring peace all over the world. I don’t believe this is a good news. Why? Because it means that the peaceful and diplomatic option is no longer useful for Erdogan to solve the Palestinian question which exists since 1948 and it is not solved yet. This means war.

Erdogan also added: “We will not allow Jerusalem to be usurped by Israel. We will support the struggle of our brothers until the day when the Palestinian lands – which have long been occupied – will have peace and security within the confines of a free Palestinian state”. Erdogan calls the Palestinians brothers… which is pretty controversial in my opinion. In fact, if we look back in the past, a long time ago in 1915, a correspondence between England and the arabs called Husayn-Mcmahon happened. This “conversation” had the aim of liberating the Arabs states from the Turkish empire with the help of the English army. The British then will have an agreement with the Jewish people to give them a Jewish country in Palestine with the Balfour Declaration in 1917. This is the base of why the Arab-Jewish conflict.Risultati immagini per UK jewish agreement

Now, I know this was a long time ago but I still think the Arabs and the Turkish are two different populations that are not usually compared as brothers. My point is that Erdogan is picking the part of the Arabs only because of a political strategy. With the support of the Arab countries Erdogan would feel less lonely after putting himself against the EU. 

Moreover going against Israel would mean going against the western countries, particularly the U.S., which will cause more tension than before between the Turkish’s ally Russia and EU and US.  

It’s incredible how just one statement or one conflict can result in a key moment for a possible new cold war.

By bullying, Erdogan means the various attacks the Jewish army did against Gaza recently. Attacks that killed around 50 Palestinians as a result of the anti-terrorism raids against Hamas from the Jewish army.

Risultati immagini per palestinesi attaccati 2018

Gaza is one small area of Israel where the Palestinians settled after the Jewish conquered Jerusalem.


While I am hoping for a less tense world, I’ll say to you thank you for reading.


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  1. Marina Salamon

    Umberto, your analysis is very equilibrate and correct. Thanks, I agree…


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