DONALD TRUMP impeachment inquiry: What you need to know.

Written by Umberto Belluzzo

I feel for Trump the same sympathy that I feel for the Italian minister Luigi Di Maio, an individual absolutely not qualified for the role he covers, who tells lots of lies but, at the same time, that you cannot fake you don’t love him. Sure, there is some style differences.

One used to sell beers at the stadium and the other used to beat people in a stadium. image.pngimage.png





Anyway, in the past years we’ve been witnessing the inconsistency and incompetence of the great American Berlusconi through his delusional tweets, brilliant press conferences and the many books that were written about him like “Fire and Fury” by the American journalist Michael Wolff which showed the world Trump’s childish side.


Moreover, we’ve seen how his populist promises, exactly like any other populist promise of this century, were shattered against the hard reality. As an example, the famous 6 billion dollars wall to be built on the Mexican border and that theoretically had to be paid by the Mexicans will not actually be built and, more importantly, will not be paid by Mexico.


Even though, the great extortion of the shutdown lasted as never before (35 days where civil servants were not paid at all), they just made some reparation here and there of border protections that already existed. And then we can continue with infinite controversies, such as the trade war with China, or the missed distancing from some Neo Nazi movements, or again some particular executive orders where immigrants’ children were stolen from their families on the border and put in jails.


Yes, there is a lot to discuss.


However, a few days ago something special happened. The Democrat speaker for the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has announced the request for an impeachment procedure. Of course, we’ve seen lots of past impeachments procedures against Trump, who always avoided them not because of being innocent but because there were not sufficient proofs. It’s like in movies, you always know there is something behind the guy who is released because of not sufficient proofs.


Instead, this time things could be a little different.

Everything started a few days ago, when a news came out about an American secret agent who compiled a report in which he accused Trump of doing an illegal operation. This reports shows how Donald Trump, the 25th of July supposedly called Ukraine’s president, , and asked him precisely 8 times, reports the Wall Street Journal, to start an investigation of corruption after Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden. In case of refusal, Trump would have blocked any military or economical help the USA offered to Ukraine that is nowadays fighting against Russia’s invasion at the border.

Now, there are two questions:


Who is Hunter Biden and therefore Joe Biden?


Why would Trump do it?


Joe Biden was the vice-president of the United States under Obama and probably the greatest democrat opponent Trump will have to defeat during the Presidential elections in 2020. Joe Biden seems to be the favorite over Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren after seeing the survey.


As you may know, the Trump’s electoral success is based on two factors: First, lots of lies that cannot absolutely be concrete like the Great Wall on the Mexican border or “I will repatriate half a million of immigrants”(this one remembers me someone in Italy); secondly, shooting incredible fake news one the political opponent like he did against Hillary Clinton.


Hence, Trump’s plan would have been similar: place Hunter Biden and hence under a negative light pushing the Ukrainian government by blackmailing them and involving all of them in a magnificent corruption case in which, however, the Biden family is not anywhere involved. The worst thing is, this time they caught Trump.

Hence the accusation on Trump is based on him threatening a foreign state not to help it economically and military anymore against Russia, (e.g. blocking 250 million dollars going to


Joe Biden

Ukraine after being accepted by the congress), in case this state did not set up an investigation involving his political opponents. This means the whole operation was only in Trump’s interests.



Even my dog knows this is a little unconstitutional.


Obviously, Trump responded to the accusations calling them “Fake news” or “A great conspiracy”. The typical things you’d expect him to say. He makes things more gripping than they actually are, doesn’t he?


In any case, the situation becomes more harmonic when the general director of the American Intelligence Maguire, named by Trump, refused to release detail about the report his agent had written by accusing Trump. Although, it seems this secret agent is disposed to testify. Anyway, Maguire has just been called to testify and therefore we will have a lot of fun.


This situation is intriguing because it seems Trump and his fellow are trying in any possible way to cover up proofs. The accusation are quite unpleasant. In fact, Trump is accused of abuse of power as he



used his political role to obtain information and discredit his political opponent by threatening another country just because of personal interests.



However, this impeachment is not effective and for now it’s only a request for procedure to impeachment. After Nancy Pelosi demanding this procedure, the accusations will be coordinated and managed by the Committee on the Judiciary that consequently will ask permission to the House of Representatives. Here there is the first obstacle. At the House of Representatives there are 435 deputies and already there are 204 deputies that are willingly to continue with the procedure. The number is increasing every day. Hence, since Democrats control the House of Representatives after the midterm elections, this obstacle should be easy to overcome. The problem will come after when the procedure will have to be accepted by the Senate. In fact, there is a Republican Majority who would prefer to sell California to China to avoid Trump’s impeachment.


Nonetheless, as said before, this impeachment is different from the previous ones. In fact, it seems there is evidence of a secret vote in the Senate where every senator voted in favor of the secret agent report to be sent to the Justice Commission.


This seems a little but strange to me.


Everything can happen. I can’t wait.


Thank you for reading until this moment. I hope a raised an interest in you too.




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