Is Trumpism over?

Experience is living so many events that you are able to identify changes.

For example, my great grandma lived during WWII and my father, as a youngster, lived the effects of the Soviet Union crisis on the results of the Cold War and then, as an adult, lived through Mafia’s terrorist years in Italy.

Luckily, I have always lived in a family full of ideologies and politics and that is why I am passionate. However, now that I have started higher education, I found out that despite I studied, and I am still studying historical events, or I discovered them through my father’s stories and hence I can understand them, me and my family members often have different perspectives about the world we live in. This is only because part of those events is foreclosed to me as I have never experienced those events.

 I was politically born with the 2008 Financial Crisis and the world of Disney Channel, and grew up with Brexit, the rise of populism, the fight against climate change and the rise in awareness and fight of racism and LGBTQ+ rights. 

I came to the conclusion that when you read things but you do not live them, you immediately take for granted the contemporary reality as if it is the right one, the normality; everything that is past is something obscure that does not concern you. 

You need to make a great intellectual effort in order to absorb those historical events. 

This phenomenon is easily identifiable in politics and it is the first and most important element that we need to consider understanding how “Trumpism” can change the course of history, especially between young people. 

Those who matured politically during “Trumpism” (intended as a Global Phenomenon during the last 4 years) will consider something normal  based on what “Trumpism” says and what the “Trumpists” do; everything that happened before (e.g. the retrieval to decency, presidentialism, responsibility) will be obscured things that belong to the past. 

It might be that those things will be desired, but the normality for many will still be Trump. 

Just like for my Great Grandma normality would be Roosevelt and not Reagan.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

In these days, while many columnists make analysis of what really happened in these elections, what was really discussed was the infamous “Blue Wave”, ready to overwhelm Trump and the US and bring back everything to normality with “normality” being what existed before the elections of 2016. 

This new wave is embodied by Joe Biden, who is a “ok” president and whose strength is basically not being as crazy as Trump.

The Blue Wave consists in American people finally aware that Trumpism was just a phase but that now everything will be back to normality and serious things. 

As a matter of fact, it did not go like that and it is not going like this.

Regardless of the fact that Trump is doing what everyone expected him to do which is contesting the elections results, claim frauds and encouragements not to believe the media, these elections involved a high level of turnout. However, Democrats only expected a high turnout level to kick Trump out of the White House which in fact led to Biden being the most voted President of the United States, but never expected Trump to be the second most voted candidate in a Presidential election. Most of the 8 million new voters for Trump probably represent the youngsters, those who politically matured with Trumpism and will have that system of judgement to understand what is normal and what isn’t.

Therefore, from one perspective the Blue Wave occurred and, effectively, many people went to vote for Biden. However, this is not a Blue Wave of redemption. It does not seem as if the country regretted the last government. Instead, many still believe that the last 4 years in the US were magnificent and want 4 more. 

The elections that divided the country again between the coasts and the centre or the cities and the sub-urban areas, clearly shows Trumpism is not a phase and is still alive; it will settle in the personal history of many Americans and citizens of the world. 

Half of Americans are and want only Trumpism and will always want it despite Trump losing.

The question we really need to ask ourselves is what will happen in Europe that, during these years of Trumpism, has been, like it or not, forced to push on a unification process and to realise the need to become independent from the United States. 

Obviously, this process is not complete and it needs a lot more work to be completed but there was an acceleration and I think anyone could see it: the stances of France and Germany, the first shy attempt to the Eurobonds, the idea that the European commission would slowly become an European Government and common projects against COVID-19. 

There is something. 

 Trumpism in Europe, with all its emulations of people copying it such as Matteo Salvini in Italy, Marine Le Pen in France, Nigel Farage in the UK and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands (each of them with American flags on twitter to comment Trump inventing he won the elections, frankly pathetic), seem to have slowed down, probably because of the Coronavirus and also because people need a little more seriousness during these times. 

However, the concept is the same: Trumpism was absorbed by many Europeans too; that political model still exists and will not disappear after Biden’s victory.

For both continents, we will need to wait some time to see it happen.

If you think that Trump losing means Trumpism will completely disappear, I would wait and think a little more. 

Maybe, we’ll enter in a new phase of Trumpism but I recon it will still appear in global politics for many years to come.

Thanks for reading.

Please, leave a comment if you do not agree with me.


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